This hole-some house design reduces indoor pollution and breathes using upcycled punctured bricks!

Getting creative with traditional material is the key to making architectural structures truly stand out. This Wall House designed by CTA Creative Architects shows that creativity by using hole-punctured bricks. It was specifically chosen to facilitate natural ventilation, bring in sunlight, and letting the house itself breathe.

This “wholesome” structure is a multi-generational family home in the city of Bien Hoa, Vietnam and the only thing they wanted was the living spaces to feel bright and airy. “According to recently published scientific research, indoor air quality is worse than outdoor air quality. Therefore, most of our discussions with the house owner tended to the idea of a house that is able to ‘breathe’ 24/7 by itself,” said the team. Most of the structure’s exterior is covered in perforated square bricks that allow fresh air and natural light to flood in. It also promotes upcycling in design – all of the bricks were salvaged from the building sites of properties nearby and were then punctuated to make four small holes in each of them. Material reusability is as important as creativity.

该团队还设法拯救了烧焦和黑砖的砖块,并用它们巧妙地使用,形成了对外部美学增加了更多质地和尺寸的黑暗斑块。砖块随机排列以形成不规则的颠簸表面光洁度 - 非常规地是材料本身的非传统。一系列宽敞的分层阶梯,往达入口的阶梯已经用玻璃图案打印出砖块,它几乎看起来像是一个阳光灿烂的日子在他们身上施放的沉着阴影。为了进一步加入自然呼吸的感觉,将一个小的“花园”种植在主室的周边,使空气质量更好,并且还具有与砖色调的需要舒缓抚慰。

The house has an unobstructed and large living area which features two massive square windows that have been made in Wall House’s front elevation for maximum natural light. Another window element is the glass roof which illuminates the other corners of the house. All these details not only add to the ‘breathing’ quality of the house but also increase the expansiveness of the place. The rest of the material palette for the home was kept very simple – exposed-aggregate concrete cover the floor and dark wood was used for the kitchen cabinets. A black-metal staircase with a wire-frame balustrade leads to the first level of the home and also serves as a great spot to show off your quarantine outfits – I can’t be the only one who walks down in a different set of PJs for every meal right?

设计师:CTA Creative Architects